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New Stack Board Members

President - Michael Fanucchi

Vice President - John Casey

Secretary - Jeremy Tayson

Treasurer Donny - Sebastiani

Information Officer - Sam Alton                                                                                              

Sonoma Stack Baseball / Softball Online Apparel

Sonoma Stack Baseball and Softball Apparel

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Sonoma Stack Baseball

Sonoma Stack Baseball was established in summer of 2009 and was named after a honorable US Navy man, William Moore Stack (Billy Stack).  The Sonoma Stack principles were garnished from the character of Billy Stack and are the foundation of this organization from top to bottom. We are a 100% volunteer organization seeking to promote a highly competitive travel baseball and travel softball program. Our organization from top to bottom is proud to be role models as well as coaches.  We take great pride in the establishment of Billy Stack travelball and now have 5 baseball teams from 11U to 18U and one 16/18U softball team.


President Michael Fanucchi

Sonoma Stack Travel Baseball and Softball

Phone: 707-344-0818